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Proceeds will benefit the Election Funds of Parker Space. New Jersey law prohibits Entities operating in certain regulated industries (casinos financial institutions, insurance companies, utilities) from contributing.  Election Law allows contributions with a limit of $2,600 per election from individuals and corporations and $8,200 per election from PAC's. A partnership or limited liability company may not contribute as an entity.  However a check from a partnership or limited liability company may be accepted so long as it is accompanied by a letter allocating the contribution to the individual partner(s) or member(s) and is signed by each contributing partner or member. The letter must include each contributing partner's home address.  A partner's total contribution, through the partnership and personally, cannot exceed the $2,600 per election limit.  Contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes.  

Paid for by Parker Space for Assembly, PO Box 263, Sussex NJ 07461


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