Please support our critical mission at Grand Opportunity USA (“GOUSA”) and the OppScore®, the universal, non-partisan political credit rating system for sitting legislators and candidates for office. Let's Fix American Politics!
GOUSA is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization. Our purpose is to motivate, educate and mobilize citizens of all backgrounds to advance pro-American values and advocate for their personal, economic, social, educational and a national interests and needs - while holding our elected officials 100% accountable.  We stand for Unity, Liberty and Opportunity for All.
Our political system is broken in America, and the vast majority of voters agree that our elected officials are corrupt and unaccountable to the voters - today, too many are not working for us but working against us.  That's why it's crucially important that you stand with us today and invest in our nation's future with your generous contribution.
Your donation will be utilized for our critical mission, including recruiting and training the analysts needed for generating and updating OppScores of our federal & state elected officials, defending our American liberties and freedoms, education and awareness of GOUSA's mission and Five Points of Opportunity, technical production of the OppScore app for voters, production of our weekly Opportunity Report Show, community outreach, recruiting tomorrow's leaders, and more.

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