The Dr. Yum Project is a pediatrician founded and led 501c3 non-profit on a mission to help families and communities overcome barriers to eating well. Since our inception in 2012, we have been creating practical solutions to real-world diet-related problems uncovered in exam room conversations. A sampling of our work is featured in a New York Times “Food as Medicine” article. By becoming a Partner Practice, we make it easy for you to help your patients (and staff!) make the connection between Good Food and Good Health. 

Partner Practices receive a “button” announcing your partnership with DYP that you can put on your practice’s website. We find it is often easier for patients to find the Dr. Yum site if it’s easily found on their own pediatrician's site. We also provide a password protected partner page with PDF versions of posters for your waiting room and exam rooms and double-sided postcards to give to your patients during visits. You can even schedule a 30-minute consultation with Dr. Fernando (Dr. Yum), the founder of the Dr. Yum Project to learn how you can make your practice even more nutrition-focused.

As a Dr. Yum Project Partner Physician, you will gain tools to help support Healthy Families, a Healthy Community, and a Healthy World.


-Share our website with individual patients.

-Recipes, blog posts, topic toolboxes, virtual classes, and more for hands-on nutrition education.

-Share practical ways to make healthy eating fast, delicious, and budget-friendly with tools like our Favorite foods, Meal Planner, and Meal-O-Matic.

-Anticipatory guidance and handouts about feeding development can help keep your patients on track and help to prevent picky eating issues.

-Use our handouts, posts, and recipes to help manage patients with obesity.


-Use posters and your website to share information with your whole practice

-Share recipes, blog posts, and other ideas from our website on your social media to reach an even greater community.

-Help us bring the Dr. Yum Project to Preschools in your community.

-Help connect families to Dr. Yum’s Food Adventure: Home Edition including families in need.

-Share our food education flyers with food pantries in your community (or families facing food insecurity)


-One of the biggest impacts we can have on our environment is our food choices, including reducing food waste.

-Show families how to use free tools like our Meal-o-Matic and Meal Planner to make smarter meals that reduce food waste (and their food budget!)

As a non-profit organization, we suggest a yearly minimum suggested tax-deductible donation of $100 dollars for individual physicians and  $200 for group practices, which you can make below. Please know these are only suggested donations. If you are interested in using our resources we are happy to receive what you can give to help us continue our work. 

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