As a mother, artist, and caregiver, Mrs. Hogan has seen firsthand the many positive benefits of creative pursuits, including mental and emotional benefits, on patients facing the stresses of cancer and treatment. Mrs. Hogan hopes to partner with Maryland hospitals to bring art therapy to pediatric patients across the state.

YUMI CARES strives to provide participating patients with art and craft supplies to create artwork that expresses their emotions and personal experiences. The program's medical assistants will aid the patients in conveying their thoughts and coping with the challenges they face. The completed pieces will be patient artworks will be rotated for exhibition, in hopes of encouraging awareness, self-expression, and mutual support.

YUMI CARES is built on Mrs. Hogan's personal encounter with cancer, in the role of a caregiver and support system, and seeks to ultimately provide hope, resources, and care for children and families, afflicted by this disease by unleashing the therapeutic power of art and creative expression.

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