Dear friends and supporters,

I regret to tell you that my event “A night to #WalkAway” will be cancelled due to a sabotage from a former volunteer-manager of my campaign. His actions made a large number of tickets not to be processed.

My apologies to all of those who wanted to come to our event and listen Brandon Straka and the other speakers. their stories with a common goal #WalkAway from the “ideological plantation” created by the Democratic Party.

We will keep you inform in the future about a possible reschedule for “A Night to #WalkAway”

Refunds will be issue to all those tickets sold.

Thank you.

My best regards.

Steve A. Von Loor

I will keep fighting, because #30yearsISenough and the people of the 4th District is worth fighting for.


Steve A Von Loor For U.S. Congress

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