UTV Utah

UTV Utah is helping a fellow member out that's in a difficult predicament. 

Troy Blevins is a fellow UTV Utah member and found himself in a tough situation this weekend. This poor guy has been through a lot and he is a pretty tough but caring dude. He’s a disabled Veteran that has fought for our country and done us a great honor. He won’t tell you but he spent 16 months getting back on track at Walter Reed hospital after our country got him back home stateside. He has a plan to fix his truck when he gets home to Fargo, North Dakota. It may take him a while but he plans on getting the engine pulled and fixed.

As a disabled Vet I’m sure he’s on a fixed income. He says he doesn’t need any more money because he’s reached out to family. The fact is he could use it. That tells me the guy is prideful like most of us and figures he’ll handle it on his own. I’m sure he will succeed too but we can help this man out.

He’s not asking for a handout but I think it’s warranted. The shop that he took it to said to remove the engine and put in a new one it’s going to be between $15-20k. That’s what we’re going to raise. Troy won’t tell me what he needs or that he even needs anything at all. He’s prideful and doesn’t want to ask for help. He’s going to get it though. �

We are raising money to help him, if you can do donate, let’s help him out. For those that can’t help financially, don’t feel obligated. What you can do is help share and spread the word and that will help tremendously. Many hands make light work.

Thanks again for your service Troy Blevins! Get home safe brother and then get back out here to Utah.

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