Dear Concerned Citizen,
For too long, Maine people have been on the outside looking in. That's why I ran for State Representative, so I can bring YOUR voice to Augusta. Shortly after, I realized that to accomplish that goal in this highly partisan legislature I couldn't do it alone. I am committed to bringing balance and greater transparency to our statehouse, and ensuring that the laws passed are laws that benefit Maine people, not outside special interests or lobbyists agendas. In order for us to be successful, we need to elect several more principled legislators to the State House, thus I have embarked on this mission with The Dinner Table.

Ronald Reagan delivered a few lessons about what he defined as America during his farewell address in 1989. He spoke many times about "shining city upon the hill" and once said "all great change in America begins at the dinner table."  In order to work again toward becoming that "shining city upon a hill", we need to come together to engage open dialogue and critical thought with each other and our neighbors again. We need to actively choose representatives who we confidently think will best represent those values. And it all starts at the proverbial Dinner Table. 

Today, I invite you to join me in this effort to gain a Republican majority in the House of Representatives to restore balance in our state government. We must end the current single-party rule, the onslaught of our voices and constitutional rights. We cannot continue to allow radical changes to disassemble our historical American values and be the good men and women who do nothing to stop it. We each have a part to play. 

Take your Seat at The Table. Join our Movement. 

Our future and Our children's future depends on Our Action!

For Maine,
Rep. Laurel Libby

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