Are you fed up with the tyranny, the destruction of Maine small businesses, the lack of school choice, the high taxes, the excessive spending, the mandates? Are you tired of the Democrat majority pushing ever-increasing government control over our lives?

The Dinner Table PAC is the answer to all of the above!

The Dinner Table is a member-based, grassroots political action committee dedicated to advancing limited government, free enterprise, personal responsibility, and individual liberty. Our mission is to achieve a Conservative Majority in the State House of Representatives in the 2022 election cycle.

We ask for a minimum commitment of $240 for the 2-year cycle per member which can either be a one-time investment or $120 per year. We each have a stake in the success of our mission through the commitment of our time and treasure!

Our future as free people depends on our actions and our success. If you value freedom, and the rights of all Mainers, then we invite you to join our movement, and add your voice to our fight for the future of our state!

Ronald Reagan once said “All great change in America begins at The Dinner Table.”

Come Join us at The Dinner Table and be a part winning a Conservative Majority!

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