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Welcome to 2AGaming!

This project is designed to reach out to gamers before their views of the Second Amendment and firearms turn negative. After the domestic terrorist attack in El Paso, video games were blamed and the reaction from the gaming community was to turn that blame on guns. As someone who is part of both communities, it hurt to see people who we have so much in common with turning on us because they were used as a scapegoat (just like law-abiding gun owners often are). We need these people on our side. Firearms, when used safely, can be a lot of fun and that is a side of the industry that we need to share more.

What is 2AGaming?

We want to reach out to gamers in general, especially those who play games that focus on guns. We found that a lot of gamers are veterans or own guns and enjoy shooting. We need these people to not feel like they should be quiet about things they do and enjoy. We also want to reach out to people who don't know anything about guns outside of the games they play so we can get our message across that guns are not evil and can be used responsibly. The idea is to grow the firearms community as a whole.

Thank you.


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