Rosy Palomino for Florida House, District 112

Republicans should be the party that provides not just solutions but conservative solutions that represent free market, limited government values. Tallahassee is run amok by inside dealings that rob the public of the important discourse about solutions for issues like property and auto insurance, education, and healthcare. Instead, what we hear every year is how much more money Tallahassee can throw at problems instead of fixing them! We need a conservative Republican that can fight for our values!

I humbly ask for your support and that you join me in putting “We The People” back in control of our state government.

I am Rosy Palomino #58 on the ballot for State Representative, District 112 and I approve this message.

Follow my campaign on Social Media: @RunRosy

If you need to me, please call 786-393-2797.

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