My fellow Mainers,

For years now you have felt that something was not right. Somehow, somewhere along the way, life in Maine has changed. The voices of everyday Mainers aren’t heard and free speech is under attack. Meanwhile, political elites in Augusta refuse to speak frankly and directly about the issues affecting the disenfranchised whose way of life is slowly slipping away.

Today we see the results of this major disconnect between the professional political class and the lobbyists and consultants they work for.

Our heritage industries are disappearing. In rural Maine, our bridges, roads, and schools crumble, we rank almost last in the nation for access to high speed broadband, and resources are diverted away from our citizens. 

We've let our children fall behind in our schools while big education lobbyists and consultants came between teachers and students.

Friends, we can do a lot more than simply seek to manage or survive decline. We can dream and achieve big things together. To do so, lobbyists, insiders, and special interests must no longer have a seat at the table. That seat needs to be yanked out from under them and returned to the people. With your help, we intend to do just that.

Our ancestors - those who toiled in the mills, spun the looms, fought in the wars, and who built this state we call home - would they want us to sit by and watch their heritage, values, grit, and spirit be replaced with something unrecognizable? No, I don’t think so.

We are embarking on a mission around the state to build a grassroots team that will ensure the voices of everyday citizens will be heard in Augusta. We want you to be a part of that team.

It’s time to put Maine and her people back on the right track. Together, we can Restore Maine’s Future!

- Nick Isgro, Executive Director

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