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Help us reach #1 Influencers & Thought Leaders in Global Christian Media


PJTN’s Annual Int’l Christian Ignite The Torch for Israel Program

At the National Religious Broadcasters Convention
March 28, 2019
6:00pm – 7:30pm

NRB is the largest gathering of Christian media in the world
March 26-29, 2019
Anaheim, CA Convention Center Marriott Hotel

Please help PJTN develop more sustainable relationships and reach over 6,000 Global Christian broadcasters and media professionals as we engage, educate and act against the normalization of anti-Semitism and for Israel.

Help us act on our biblical responsibility to stand with our Jewish brethren and Israel.

With your generous financial support, we will include your name, logo and message on all our marketing, sales and presentation materials.

Your support allows PJTN to share our Emmy nominated, award-winning documentaries and highly acclaimed, award-winning series, Focus On Israel, in over 200 countries, reaching over 2.6 billion viewers this year.

Anti-Semitism increased over 67% in the USA in 2017
Anti-Semitism is the #1 Hate Crime as listed by the FBI
The task is daunting….
So are the stakes.

In 2019, PJTN will produce and share over 200 hours of original content through new and existing media partners to Ignite The Torch and reach the next-generation with our biblical message.

Your financial support ensures every Christian knowledgeable enough to stand against this age-old hatred toward the Jewish people and Israel.



$100,000 The Christian Responsibility for Israel Club

With the tremendous rise in anti-Semitism in our American schools, your support gives the gift of educating K-12 students, teachers, families and school boards. Your help gives Christian children the education they don’t get anywhere else.

$75,000 The Bonhoffer Club

It’s hard to hold-fast to our biblical responsibilities when so many of our friends and neighbors do nothing. Your stand, your commitment and your choice to give voice to fighting anti-Semitism in this generation mean everything.

$50,000 The Fight Anti-Semitism Club

You have asked yourself, “What can I do?” Your help allows PJTN to proactively reach the minds of Christians with the message: “Keep not silent” Protect your Jewish friends, neighbors and Israel!

$25,000 The Ten Boom Club

A true woman of valor, Corrie Ten Boom is a model for every family today. Honor the women in your life through your support.

$15,000 The Pastor Niemoller Club

First they came for the Jews. Your support helps fight anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism and anti-Christian behaviors with K-12 original content.

$10,000 The Truman Club

President Harry Truman’s top advisors said “don’t do it!”, but he recognized the State of Israel. Join PJTN as a statement of faith and help Christian children know their biblical responsibilities to the Jewish people and Israel.

$7,500 Schindler’s Circle

Every action we take against anti-Semitism makes a world of difference. You can’t even imagine how critical your help is.

$5,000 Sendler’s Circle

Irena Sendler took courageous steps to save over 2000 children from a world of hate. Your donation helps us reach the next generation.

$2,500 McAteer’s Circle

Journalists, media professionals and communications students understand the power of their capacity to help share interest in fighting against anti-Semitism and for Israel. Your support helps sponsor and create the next generation of great Christian and biblically driven media professionals.

$1,000 Ezekiel 33 Circle

Christian children are our smallest seeds. As PJTN launches our K-12 initiative, your support helps us to reach every Christian child.

$500 Sponsor a Student




Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, Inc.

P.O. Box 682711

Franklin, TN 37068-2711


Thank you for your support of PJTN’s Igniting The Torch Campaign

We look forward to sharing a memorable time with you as we ‘ignite the torch’ for the next generation of Christians support of Israel and the Jewish people.

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