Protect American Democracy During COVID-19

Donate to OneV’s efforts to protect American democracy – regardless of political affiliation – as we continue to fight against COVID-19 by promoting vote-by-mail initiatives for the November 2020 elections.

Political leadership always matters especially in the middle of a global public health crisis. With the November elections almost seven months away, the future of American leadership and democracy hang in the balance as we continue battling COVID-19 which requires millions of eligible voters to remain in a long-term quarantine. Saving lives today is our nation’s top priority, however, in the long run our lives also depend on democratically elected leaders by an active citizenry in free and fair elections. That is why OneV is committed to driving voter turnout for our upcoming elections by providing vital information and resources to help our followers advocate for vote-by-mail policies nationwide – one of the keys to maximizing turnout during this uncertain period involving physical distancing.

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