Cheer on the Republican team!

Be a spectator or join a team! 

Aloft Hotel Downtown/Bricktown

6th floor Rooftop

September, 17th, 2018

5:30 PM

OKGOP Kickoff to Victory & Campaign Olympics

Each campaign & County Party is invited to field a 4 member team to participate in the Campaign Olympics.  RNC Chairwoman McDaniel will be the special guest speaker at the Opening Ceremonies and will light the Olympic Torch. All teams participating will be part of the Opening Ceremony Parade of Campaigns/Counties!

Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded for each event with a special medal ceremony at the closing of the 2018 Campaign Olympics. 

Campaign Olympic events:

Sign Assembly – Teams will race against the clock to assemble bag signs & wickets.

Envelope Stamping – Teams compete to see who is the fastest envelope stamper in the west, racing to get campaign material sent out as quickly as possible.

Nerf Gun Shooting – Teams shoot Nerf Ball guns to earn targeted voter turnout points. 

Campaign Contributions Money Grab – Teams will brave the money grab machine, attempting to snatch as many campaign funds as possible as cash whirls around them. Be careful as some of the paper blowing around may be campaign expenses! All papers gathered with be counted to see who raised the most and spent the least campaign funds!

Campaign Bobsled – Teams make and decorate their own bobsled wagons to push around the "track". A special award will be given for the best decorated bobsled!

Race to the General Election – Finally, teams will run a relay race wearing inflatable knockerballs. At the end of each leg, the teams must change runners and knockerballs. Legs of relay include: Candidate filing, Primary, Runoff with the General Election finish line.


Candidates will be part of a hamburger cook-off and are asked to bring 10 pounds of their favorite meat to cook on the grill. We will provide the grills or you can bring your own favorite cooker as you try to win the trophy for "OKGOP BEST BURGER". The OKGOP will provide "all the fixins" and plenty of tea and water.

Spectator Tickets
x $30
Watch the games & enjoy a fun reception! (more)
x $50
Watch the games & enjoy a fun reception! (more)
Olympic Team
x $100
x $1,000
Eight tickets and name or logo listed as top sponsor in the program, sponsor boards, and the slideshow (more)
x $500
Four tickets and name or logo listed as a sponsor in the program, sponsor boards, and the slideshow (more)
x $250
Two tickets and name(s) listed in the program as a sponsor (more)
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