We've taken over the Libertarian Party, but our work has only just begun!

The Mises Caucus launched Project Decentralized Revolution to recruit 100+ city council, mayor, school board, sheriff, and judge candidates who will meaningfully challenge the Regime and its monopoly on power through decentralization and nullification of unconstitutional federal laws.

To identify and train these candidates, the Mises Caucus is rolling out eight Take Human Action events in cities around the country. These events feature high-draw libertarian speakers, on-site candidate training, and after parties.

To fund this next phase of Mises Caucus growth, we are raising $200,000. In addition to funding the Take Human Action tour, this money will enable the MC to optimize its operational budget, hire mission-critical staff, establish a marketing budget, and have a robust presence at high value events where we will use bold messaging to recruit the next generation of caucus members.

Help us capitalize on our landslide Libertarian Party takeover by making a significant contribution to Project Decentralized Revolution today!

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