Looking for a way to support Jasha and look amazing? How about supporting the campaign while also promoting a noble cause? Perhaps you'd like to get a custom print created just for the campaign? Now you can do all of these things!

Thank you so much for your support! We have sold out of our campaign t-shirts! This has allowed us to reach even more residents in District 35 as we prepare for a close election in our large district.

First, choose whether you want a sticker pack, a print, a t-shirt, or both a print and a t-shirt.

Second, depending on your choice, make your selection (the first picture above is of the three stickers in the sticker pack, the next two images show the prints, and the final two show the t-shirts - please note, the campaign t-shirt has sold out!)


-If you chose to get a sticker pack ($10 option) then you can skip directly to the billing information.

-If you chose to get a shirt ($25 option) then indicate the size you would like. Do not chose a print.

-If you chose to get a print ($20 option) then indicate which print you would like (using the drop-down). Do not chose a shirt.

-If you chose to get both a t-shirt & a print ($40 option) then indicate the size of shirt you would like. Then choose the print that you would like (using the drop-down).

Fourth, fill-in the billing information.

Currently, you can only get one shirt and/or print per submitted form. If you would like more, you will need to submit a second form.

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