Edmund Burke once said, “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

Since I was sworn into office in December 2020, I have not remained silent. I spoke up for the innocent unborn, while my Democrat colleagues walked out of the House chamber so as to not hear the truth...

I submitted bills that would have cut through red tape in access to medical care while lowering costs. All killed by the Democrat majority...

I advocated for our elders in nursing homes to have the right to essential caregivers, so that they never again face the abandonment and neglect that they did through the pandemic. Again, that bill was voted down by the Democrat majority...

I stood up for Maine people's right to petition their government without impediment, and was removed from my committee as a consequence...

I continue to fight for our healthcare workers’ rights, and truly, ALL our rights to make our own medical decisions without government interference or coercion.

After 10 months of standing up for my fellow Mainers, I have got quite a large target on my back! The Democrats will fight tooth and nail to remove me not just from my committee, but from my seat next year.

Over the last few years we have lost freedoms that most of us have taken for granted our entire lives. We MUST stop the Tyranny that is stripping our liberty from us, one piece at a time! In the 131th Legislature, I look forward to fighting to get our freedom back...

But, before I can take on that fight, however, I have to win a difficult re-election campaign. So today, I ask you to donate your most generous contribution possible.

I will be honored to have your support for my re-election and I give you my word, I will continue to Fight for Freedom for all Maine people. 

For Maine,
Rep. Laurel Libby

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