Our event is sold out!      Thank you for your support!!!  2023 LCRP Lincoln Day Dinner

Saturday, September 9th at 5:00pm
The Embassy Suites
4705 Clydesdale Pkwy, Loveland, CO 80538

At this year’s Lincoln Day Dinner, we are honored to have Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee, the world’s most trusted, factually accurate news source. Babylon Bee is taking on the tone of a traditional news media publication, satirizing real-world events, and public figures. Dillon’s experience with censorship and de-platforming has placed him on the front lines of the battle for free speech in the public square.
We also have Seth Gruber, founder and president of The White Rose Resistance, a pro-life organization. Seth has been speaking in this arena since he was 19 years old. He is a compelling and passionate voice for the unborn. Seth is reaching all generations and is helping to change the way our country thinks about and responds to abortion.
TWO PRIVATE RECEPTIONS: from 4:00-6:00 pm. We will have a private reception and photo opportunity with each speaker for guests at the Abraham Lincoln and George Washington tables and the host and a guest from the John Adams tables.  In addition, 100 tickets will be offered for purchase at a cost of $125 for an additional private reception to meet the speakers.  Complimentary drinks and appetizers will be served at both receptions.
SILENT AUCTION: Open from 4:00 - 7:00pm.  If you would like to donate a silent auction item, contact Diahn at: (970) 612-8660 or DRichards@LarimerGOP.org.
BUSINESS AND SPONSOR PERKS: Purchase a table and get your business name, logo and QR code in the Conservative Connection: Your Guide to Local Conservative Businesses. Upgrade to an Abraham Lincoln, George Washington or John Adams table and get your business name, logo, QR code and video on the screens during dinner.  For more details, contact Diahn at: (970) 612-8660 or DRichards@LarimerGOP.org.
Abraham Lincoln Tables - $7,500: 2 tables available.  Seats 12 people directly in front of the stage including one speaker.  Includes: Private reception with speakers for your table guests plus many extras. For more details, contact Diahn at: (970) 612-8660 or DRichards@LarimerGOP.org.
George Washington Tables - $6,000:  6 tables available. Seats 12 people with option to host one Lifetime Volunteer Award recipient and their guest. Adjacent to the speaker tables. Includes: Private reception with speakers for your table guests plus many extras. For more details, contact Diahn at: (970) 612-8660 or DRichards@LarimerGOP.org.
Recommended attire is Sunday dress to very formal. 
Please contact Diahn at: (970) 612-8660 or DRichards@LarimerGOP.org with any questions!
Tickets and Tables
x $125
100 Tickets available. Photos with the speakers. Drinks and appetizers served. (more)
Donation and Other Options
x $50
The tables offer opportunities for personal interactions with guests prior to the dinner, during intermission, and after the evening festivities. For more details, contact Diahn at: (970) 612-8660 or DRichards@LarimerGOP.org (more)
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