Thank you for your interest in Josiah's private screening of Thor: Love and Thunder.

*** How can you see this movie and support Josiah's campaign? ***

We're asking for a  donation to attend this private screening at one of the following levels:

Stormbreaker Axe Level (Event Sponsor) $5,000

Odin Level (Host Committee) $2,500

Hammer Level (Co-Host) $1,000

Jane Level (Movie Sponsor) $500

Korg Level (Patron) $250

Heimdall Level (Concessions Sponsor) $150 

Loki Level ($50/Individual, $100/Couple)

Ohio law allows a state income tax credit for monetary contributions made to the campaign committee of a candidate for statewide office or member of the general assembly up to an annual limit of $50 for single filers and $100 for joint filers. - ORC 3517.102

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