Hello, My name is Joey Tiano. I am a native New Mexican and I’m running for the New Mexico State Senate. I’m running because New Mexico’s state government has turned its back on New Mexico’s people, and as a result New Mexico is always in the wrong column and at the bottom of every good list.

The New Mexico State Legislature this last session was flush with $465 million dollars in excess cash. How was that money spent? This administration gave six figure bureaucrats 17% raises and expanded government by creating a whole new agency.

When a 9th Circuit judge said no more firewood for New Mexico citizens, no one in the current administration stood up for our poor who are dependent on that firewood for heating and income. No one. The spotted owl is more important to this administration than the citizens of this state.

The womb should be the safest place on earth, but in New Mexico it’s a killing field. We have a history, a long history, of birthday abortions in this state, and our state legislature has repeatedly crushed born alive legislation.

No one can deny that our government is on a systematic path to take guns away from its citizens. The Second Amendment is the law of the land and should remain so.

And lastly I’m running because of my faith. My faith in our nation’s founding documents as written. I’m running because of my faith in God and my faith in the fact the New Mexico can be first and not the last.

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