FPC accepts no compromise on fundamental, constitutional rights.

It's a very simple concept, after all: Second Amendment rights “shall not be infringed."

After more than a century of watching some play “compromise” games with the arch-enemies of freedom, you know that gun owners cannot afford to lose any more rights.

But it seems that the status quo is going to continue.

President Trump, who once said “The eight-year assault on your Second-amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end” has capitulated to the gun grabbers following the Parkland shooting.  

He is actually vowing to take away due process while confiscating guns, to impose age restrictions on firearms, to use illegal Executive action to ban firearm accessories, and has had open discussion with Dianne Feinstein about her national “Assault Weapon” ban.

Gun Control groups have raised countless millions of dollars by taking advantage of a tragedy and promising to strip away your right to self defense.

And in California, the Legislature seems intent on the resurrection of Gunpocalypse from the trash heap of 2016, already introducing more than a dozen bills aimed at destroying whatever is left of the Second Amendment within the state borders.

The years of the Trump presidency were supposed to be some of the best years in decades for gun rights supporters, but it just looks like more of the same.

That means we are going to be fighting tooth and nail for every single victory we seek to achieve.

So, can you chip in $15 to help us stand strong for Second Amendment rights and fundamental individual liberties?

Everyone who donates $15 or more today will automatically get a full year basic membership.

And if you’re already a member, you can extend your membership for the reduced dues if you hurry!

Not only that, but we’ll automatically enter you into a giveaway for a hard-to-find Kriss Vector rifle! 

Let’s be very clear about where things are: The anti-gunners want to ban guns and criminalize people. Period.

They want to repeal the Second Amendment.

They want to gut the Constitution and re-make America into their socialist utopia.

There are no more “compromises” possible.

And they never let a crisis or tragedy go to waste.

For Marxist Democrats, unprincipled Republicans, wealthy Hollywood elitists, the alt-left news media, and billionaire-backed Astroturf groups, the tragedy in Parkland is simply another opportunity to push their agenda forward.

Make no mistake: The enemies of freedom are on the march —- and they will settle for nothing less than total victory over you and the Constitution that protects you.

That is why we must stand strong on fundamental principles RIGHT NOW.

It is beyond important to have you with us, so for now we’re discounting the cost of an FPC basic annual membership to just $15.

And like we said, as a special thank you for standing for freedom, we’ll automatically include you into a new giveaway for an Kriss Vector rifle.

We just can’t do it by ourselves — we need to count you as one of our Grassroots Army.

Please chip in $15 or whatever you can today.

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity and support.

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