We have filed a federal lawsuit -- but we need YOUR SUPPORT!

FPC v. Whitaker is a federal constitutional, statutory, and APA challenge to the DOJ/ATF ban on "bump-stock" devices brought President Trump's ban on "bump stock" devices by executive fiat.
The case and motion argue that Acting Attorney General Mathew Whitaker, who President Trump placed into the role after the resignation of then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has no authority to issue the rule because the President failed to adhere to the Constitution’s Appointments Clause and federal laws regarding succession and vacancies in the office.
Please consider chipping in a donation of $5, $10, $50, or whatever you can to help defend you, your property, and your Constitution but dangerous federal over-reach!
As always, your contribution to FPC will go directly to the front lines of constitutional legal action and lawsuits, research, education, and our many efforts to defend and advance Constitutional rights.

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