Pres. Biden is piling on EVEN MORE draconian gun control that he expects his DOJ to enforce with an iron fist. 

Biden's DOJ will now train a nationwide army of anti-gun prosecutors and gun confiscators to target and harass people like YOU over home builds that are 100% LEGAL!

But that's not all, because Biden also wants CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS of gun dealers who transfer guns used in "violent crimes."

He's even talking about cracking down on guns that cross state lines to combat a laughably non-existent "iron pipeline" of "crime guns."

When you add it all up, you have a breathtakingly tyrannical attempt to make you live in FEAR for exercising your most basic and sacred rights.

We CANNOT allow this despot to get away with expanding his anti-gun agenda.

Make a donation of $100, $50 or perhaps even $25 RIGHT NOW to help FPC push back against this demented despot! 

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