One of the most freedom-infringing bills to ever be introduced in the California Legislature is rapidly advancing toward the governor’s desk.

AB 2382 would impose background checks and waiting periods on common firearms parts and accessories like magazines, barrels, and even 80% lowers - AND IT JUST PASSED THE ASSEMBLY!

Not only does the state want to track you and every single “firearm precursor part” that you buy, but they want to make it so difficult to purchase them that they might as well be banned altogether.

So much for “shall not be infringed…”

We at FPC refuse to accept this blatant infringement on the Second Amendment, and we will fight until the last breath - but we cannot do it alone!

In order to be successful, we need YOU to mobilize now and help us STOP the “Ghost Parts” ban.

By contributing $50 or whatever you can TODAY, you will automatically be entered to win ONE OF FOUR Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner 2 CNC machines!

We CANNOT allow the gun grabbers to gain another inch in their latest scheme to disarm you and your family.

We CANNOT allow them to regulate common parts as if they were firearms.

And we CANNOT let them eviscerate the Second Amendment.

It stops NOW.

Help us draw the line in the sand and beat AB 2382 before it is too late!

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