Recently, students and schools across the country have been organizing and participating in “walkouts” and other political demonstrations to advocate for more and stricter gun control laws.

But not everyone agrees with those viewpoints.

Thousands of pro-gun rights students and parents oppose gun controls -- and some are trying to organize pro-gun speech and expression events or walkouts of their own.

To help students exercise their First Amendment rights and support Second Amendment rights, we have partnered with Firearms Policy Coalition to create an important and timely new guide to pro-gun speech in schools, entitled "K-12 Schools, Free Speech, And The Fundamental, Individual Right to Keep And Bear Arms: A Guide to How Students Can Use Their First Amendment Rights to Defend and Promote Second Amendment Rights."

In our new Guide, we encourage learning about our uniquely American Constitution and individual rights, provide relevant information and legal background, answer some of the most common questions, and include some useful tools (like sample letters) to help students and parents exercise their First Amendment rights to defend and promote the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

More, we also have a Legal Action Hotline to help students and parents report possible civil rights violations -- and help us file lawsuits to protect and defend these courageous pro-gun students and their rights!

But in order to get this important new Guide out to as many students and parents as possible -- and be ready sue on their behalf if necessary -- we need your generous support RIGHT NOW.

Your tax-deductible donations to Firearms Policy Foundation will go directly to the front lines: legal action and lawsuits, research, education, and our efforts to protect and defend pro-gun students, free speech, and the rights enshrined in our Constitution.

In these troubled times, it is more important than ever to protect the right to speak out in support of the Second Amendment and oppose the viewpoints of those speaking, protesting, or "walking out" to promote more gun control.

Please support this important initiative today, and share this message with anyone who supports gun rights and pro-gun students!

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