Our Campaign for Alaska Governor in 2018 will be to protect the rights of Alaskans. The PFD dividend is owned by the Alaskan citizens of this state and will be protected by a Constitutional Amendment from Legislators and Governors who may act out a veto and or a restructuring which by law is subject to approval of a vote of Alaskan by ballot form. Any other actions will not be lawful according to the Constitution of Alaska. We are PFD Protectors, so please support Michael D. Sheldon for Governor because  your rights are being subject to lawlessness.

After your donate at least $50, we will send you a memento Campaign Coin from the Sheldon/Wright campaign for Alaska that is beautifully made and inserted into plastic zip bag that has never been touched my bare hands. All coins are in production at this time so when they arrive we will send them out. 


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