from the author of Blitz and Dark Agenda

Bombshell Revelation: America infiltrated by radical fascists out to destroy America

This is the book the left will demand be BANNED and BURNED

Cover-to-cover, The Enemy Within debunks all the LIES, myths and falsehoods spewed by the enemy and dares to bare the TRUTH about their real anti-American agenda.

You’ll discover how systematically over the course of decades, university professors have been quietly changing the educational discourse and brainwashing our young men and women...suppressing individual responses, accountability and freedom. They’re teaching outright division and damning people by race, gender, religion and economic status.

The Enemy Within also answers the big questions:

• Do blacks really want reparations? It’s what the left wants you to think. When you order your BOOK here, you’ll discover the surprising truth on page 35.

• Are racial, wealth and income gaps the result of policies against people of color? NO. Horowitz exposes this whopper of a LIE. Page 28

• Why were Trump’s rallies packed and Biden’s deserted? Your answer is here. Page 194

• Does BLM really care about black lives? No. Turn to page 35 of The Enemy Within to uncover their real motives.

Order your copy today at the special introductory price!

The Enemy Within
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