Libs of TikTok Legal Fund

For over six months, the Left has relentlessly attacked me. They have doxxed me, harassed my family, tried to get me deplatformed, and attempted to shut down my store. My crime? I’ve held up a mirror to them. I’ve exposed them in their own words. For that, they have accused me of inciting violence and terrorism so that Big Tech will take action against me.

Now, they’re ramping up their efforts. Just a few weeks ago, they successfully got me suspended on Twitter after I exposed a children’s hospital for admitting to performing gender-affirming hysterectomies on children.

After my temporary suspension, I sent a letter to Twitter notifying them that if they ban me, I’ll sue them. But I’m not stopping at Twitter.

It’s time to hold the Media and Big Tech accountable. I’m taking action against every single outlet, company, and hack journalist who has smeared me for reporting the truth.

Now more than ever I need your support. Please donate to my legal defense fund so I can continue this important work. When I get permanently banned—it’s only a matter of time—your support will make it possible for me to fight back and continue telling the truth. They can’t cancel me if you don’t let them!

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