The Committee to Keep Judge Daniel Gallegos is running a genuine grassroots campaign in Bernalillo


Any amount you can contribute is greatly appreciated! You can rest assured that your hard-earned money

will be spent effectively and efficiently in our effort to keep Judge Gallegos on the district court bench!

Judicial Independence

The Code of Judicial Conduct prohibits a judge from knowing the identities of those persons contributing

to the campaign, and the Code requires all fundraising to be conducted by the campaign committee. While

this rule seemingly protects judicial independence and impartiality, Judge Gallegos believes that this rule

does not go far enough. That is, even if Judge Gallegos has no knowledge about the sources of

contributions to his campaign, the reality is that if either of the parties appearing before Judge Gallegos

knows that the other party donated to the campaign, the non-donor party may nevertheless think he or she

is going to be treated unfairly or that the deck will be stacked against him or her.

In order to combat any perception of partiality, or worse, corruption, Judge Gallegos has directed the

campaign committee as follows:

No campaign contributions will be solicited or accepted from attorneys who are likely to appear in front of Judge Gallegos, nor shall contributions be solicited or accepted from lobbyists.

Because the Committee is unlikely to identify individual donors who meet this

description, we ask that potential donors self-identify, and if they meet this description, refrain from

contributing monetarily to the campaign. We thank you in advance for helping Judge Gallegos in his fight

for a truly independent judiciary!

To contribute, please fill out the online donation form below.

* If your contribution is $250 or more, please provide your occupation.

* $5,000 contribution limit (primary election) and $5,000 contribution limit (general election)

* Contributions are not tax deductible

* It is against the law to donate someone else’s money in your name, so make sure that your contribution is your own!

If you would rather submit your contribution by mail, please make your check payable to:

Committee to Keep Judge Daniel Gallegos, and mail to the Committee at:

P.O. Box 67336, Albuquerque, NM 87193.

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