Chinese Americans Alliance (CAA) is an organization for Chinese Americans who believe in diligence and hardworking, economy and conservative, education and traditional family values.

CAA believes HR1044 and S386 work against best interests of United States of America, displace or replace American workers, pit one ethnic group against all others thus divide communities. Therefore, CAA advocates opposing HR1044/S386, requests investigations on H1B visa abuse and fraud, calls for fair and merit based immigration reform.

大家知道,S386提案人参议员Mike Lee在四次闯关失败后仍不悔改很快将携“绿卡变动法案”S386在参议院争取第五次UC。为唤醒选区美国民众,美国华裔联盟(CAA) 将在Utah州腹地大力宣传S386 的危害。



为了维护美国国家和民众的集体利益,CAA Utah地区的成员已经行动起来,他们决定在精心选择的地点树立反对S386的广告牌,请大家积极捐款支持,为建设我们的美好家园贡献力量。

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