Dear Friend, 

My mission in the Maine Senate is to defend the freedoms and paychecks of Maine people.

Over three terms, I have served as a principled and independent voice for Androscoggin County — pulling together bipartisan coalitions to reform welfare, expand healthcare freedom, and restore constitutional liberties.

Today, inflation is eating our paychecks while politicians hike taxes and sell off our Bill of Rights to the highest bidders. 

Parents are worried that schools no longer listen and voters are losing faith in our elections.

It's no longer enough to play defense. We must restore what has been taken from us — our freedoms, our paychecks, our Constitution.

Will you help me Restore Maine? 

Your contribution, big or small, helps me communicate directly with voters — at the door, in the mailbox, over the radio, and on social media — to win on election day.

Thank you for your support.

For Liberty!
Eric Brakey

P.S. Those who prefer to donate with a check by mail can send it to:

Brakey For Senate
PO Box 3331
Auburn, ME 04212

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