Billy Orton is a "New Skool" Republican facing four Democrats (and now another "Billy"... coincidence?) seeking to serve constituents of California's 44th congressional district, which stretches from San Pedro to the Watts Towers.

  • NEW SKOOLERS want smaller govt and fiscal discipline.

  • Billy's own POLITICAL REVIV'UL is recruiting "Souls of Faith" and "Minds of Science" to work together, across Eternity, as Shepherds, to save God's green earth. (After all, He gave us only -o-n-e- earth.)

The 44th Congressional district -- which the press calls "the most Democratic seat in America" -- serves the communities of SAN PEDRO, WILMINGTON, north LONG BEACH, CARSON, COMPTON, WATTS, WILLOWBROOK, WALNUT PARK, SOUTH GATE and LYNWOOD.  There are 353,000 voters registered with 207 different political parties.

And now there appears to be a "Billy vs. Billy" battle, as there seems to be a hate-spitting lackey of the President trying to "weaken the Billy vote."

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This is the -o-n-l-y- official contribution page for the "WILLIAM ORTON FOR CONGRESS 44" campaign committee (FEC ID# HOCA44155)

A donation would be great, but don't hurt your own good name!

If it is uncomfortable to be seen donating to some New Skool Republican, anything $199 or less means that your own name doesn't appear  on FEC financial reports.

Thanks for any amount you donate.  Money isn't free in America... unless you're rich.

(The President plays a little game, to divide and distract ordinary Americans, so they don't notice that 90% of the biggest tax cut in a century gets handed like steak and candy to the Top 1%).

  • Billy Orton (R-44th)...

To learn more, visit Billy Orton's campaign.

(And if you wanna learn about the hate-spitting lackey, this Billy is fair enough to tell you how to find that other Billy.)

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