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Ben Leder

There's a lot of Libertarians that would like to see a Libertarian Presidential Primary Showdown in 2020.  

There are likely to be as many as a dozen Libertarian presidential primaries in 2020. In five of those states candidates may qualify simply by having a significantly visible campaign. In others fees or petitions are required.

The States that charge a fee are Oklahoma ($2,500), West Virginia ($2,500), and Missouri ($1,000) at a total of $6,000 per candidate in ballot access fees per candidate.

The States that require signatures are Indiana (4,500), Arizona (500), and Montana (500) at a total of approximately $10,000 in signature requirement costs.  

Local candidates across the Country believe this increased exposure could lead to improving their chances of winning more races in 2020 and beyond.  

Donate now to see contested Libertarian Presidential Primaries in as many States as possible in 2020.

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