Help us in our mission to Restore Illinois, by joining our group of grassroots supporters.

Political elites of BOTH parties have failed us. Republicans and Democrats have worried more about the donor class than the working class. That needs to end.

Overspending and tax spikes are crippling the people of Illinois. It is time to shift the focus back on the hard-working, faith-driven families of Illinois that are the powerhouse of the Midwest. 

We need to bring commonsense conservatism back to Illinois, starting with the life lessons I learned from growing up on my family farm...

- Don’t spend more than you have.

- Don’t charge customers — or taxpayers — more than they can afford.

- Tell the truth about what’s wrong and then solve the problem.

I am here to tell you better days are ahead and it is up to us to take it. This is why I am hoping you will join me by contributing an inaugural donation right now.

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