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The lawsuit against the City of San Francisco has been filed to counter the city’s threat to terminate unvaccinated frontline employees, employees who have resoundingly been considered "HEROES" throughout the COVID-19 crisis. The fight has only just begun.

AFLDS has assembled a nationwide network of ethical physicians, medical experts, and warrior attorneys to utilize as we support the litigation against the City of San Francisco and lawsuits on behalf of the American people.

We ask for your support to continue our work to fight against unconstitutionally forced injections, and to provide justice for the American people. AFLDS must burden the costs of research, organizing plaintiffs, gathering supportive evidence, filing lawsuits, and other associated legal fees as we engage in supporting strategic litigation and continue our battle to restore American freedom.

Our fundraising goal for this effort is $500,000. All funds raised will go directly toward the legal costs of America’s Frontline Doctors and affiliated entities protecting San Francisco City employees. Should any funds remain, they will be used to continue the life-saving mission of AFLDS. 

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