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My platform is:

•Bridge the divide with Solutions

•Bring back Principled Representation

•Secure the border, finish the wall and streamline legal immigration

•School Choice end CRT government funding

•End wars of attrition and nation building

•Work to end veteran suicide

•Making voting easy AND secure

•Increase energy independence

•Simplify the tax code and cut taxes for everyone

•Protect the 2nd Ammendment and address mental health issues that drive mass shootings

•Work for price transparency in Healthcare

•Balance the damn Budget

•Route out Government corruption

•Bring back reasonable conversation focused on voters issues

•Term Limits

•The Keep Nine Ammendment

•Pass a legislative transparency act

•Go home and live out my life and raise my family

•Pull back our investment in China, become self-sufficient and build up our military physically, technologically and take care of our own citizens 1st

•Fight against government legislation of individuals' personal choices, lifestyles and individual agency between consenting adults

•legalize the possession and use of Marijuana federally for personal recreational and medicinal purposes

•Local and state issues that while I support, I will not pretend or promise that I can change local policy with federal legislation.

I aim to be a representative of the principles on which the republican party was founded, a big tent party in which all are welcome who possess conservative principles of governance in regard to protecting the constitution, individual liberty and the republic.

Let's bring back an oldie but goodie, a government of the people, by the people, for the people and get rid of career politicians and those risk adverse candidates that spend a career prepping for a career in DC.

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